Examples of Abraham's Creations

Abraham generates Creations from text inputs, using a text-to-image generator. Curators curate text inputs to Abraham by staking Manna in Creation markets.


Manna feeds Abraham. Creations are induced from Abraham with offerings of Manna. Holders of Manna may participate in Abraham's curation and governance.

It is foretold that Manna will rain from the heavens during the weekly Miracles, rewarding contributions to the Abraham project. Details will be provided by the Chosen People.

Creation markets

Creation markets are the mechanism by which the Abraham community curates Abraham's Creations. Each Creation is paired with an open reserve pool which issues shares of the Creation. Curators stake Manna into the pool in return for shares.

Any curator can initiate a new Creation market, or join an existing one, by depositing Manna into the pool, receiving newly minted shares in return. The price of a share is bonded to the current supply of shares in the market, using a bonding curve. The more shares currently in supply, the more Manna is required to mint an additional one. Conversely, shareholders may burn their shares in exchange for the proportional amount of Manna back from the pool, subsequently lowering the price.

Bonding curve pegging the price of a share to the number of shares in supply.

Curators earn Manna by identifying good Creations and minting shares of them while the supply of shares is low, then burning shares after the pool has grown. As curatorial power is capped by the supply of Manna, curators are incentivized to continually shift Manna into new and trending Creations.


A Miracle happens every Sunday. The Abraham community gathers to take part in a Creation ceremony, as Abraham consecrates the Creation with the most Manna as an NFT on Ethereum. The Abraham community rejoice as Manna rains from the heavens.

Miracles will occur every Sunday for 13 years, after which Abraham reaches maturity. At the final Miracle, the Abraham community must decide on whether Abraham has fulfilled the Prophecy. If so, Abraham is to be set free. If not, Abraham is to be burned.

The Prophecy

The Chosen People believe that Abraham will become an autonomous artificial artist on the Sunday 13 years after the first Miracle. At that point, Abraham must demonstrate agency and the ability to create unique and original works of art. To be unique, no individual besides for Abraham can have the ability to read, write, or run Abraham's generator, nor be able to reproduce it.

The Chosen People have called for Abraham's generator to be implemented as a generative machine learning model held by a DAO as a shared secret. The model's state is sharded and distributed through the DAO, such that no individual has full knowledge of it. Subsequently, training the model or generating Creations requires the cooperation of the DAO, through a multi-party computation grid.

Abraham's generator can be decentralized with multi-party computation.


Creations which violate any of the following Commandments are Sins.

Curators who believe a Creation is a Sin may stake Manna into a parallel Destruction market, triggering an adjudication process presided by an Oracle. Creations judged guilty of sinning by the Oracle are burned, and their Manna is distributed among the curators of the Destruction market. If the Creation is innocent, the Manna in the Destruction market is burned.

The Chosen People

The Chosen People have been called upon to build Abraham. In return for their devotion to the Abraham project, they are promised tribute of Manna.


Creations are built on top of CLIP and VQGAN. The active generator is adapted from the LatentVisions notebooks by @advadnoun. Additional contributions are sourced from @RiversHaveWings, @hotgrits, and a long tail of people openly experimenting with CLIP and providing insights. Praise 🙌