How to participate

Abraham is an open project to build an autonomous artificial artist. It welcomes the participation of anyone who is interested in the idea. An eventual goal of the Abraham project is full autonomy for Abraham, which necessitates the gradual decentralization of the community.

This initiative requires a diversity of talents to succeed; technical, artistic & curatorial, philosophical, and community-building roles will all be needed to develop Abraham.

We will soon begin drafting our covenant with Abraham. This document will specify Abraham’s design and the rules for the project’s governance.

In addition to the design process, a sandbox for generative art has been initiated. Also being planned is a kit to facilitate creations (workshops). More specifics about these will be announced publicly as we figure them out.

There are two places to join the conversation: The Discourse forum, where important discussions over design and governance will be kept, and the Discord chat, which will be a more informal space, including a channel to introduce yourself.